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ESI Processing

Reliable makes e-discovery as smooth and thorough as possible by utilizing extensive resources to collect, filter and process all of your electronically stored information. Our experienced project managers have a proven history of successfully managing the collection and processing of electronic data while ensuring soundness, accuracy and cost savings.

Service Features:

• File Type Analysis

• De-NISTing

• Indexing

• Early Case Assessment

• Culling and Filtering

• Native File Processing

• Metadata Extraction

• File Conversion

• De-Duplication (Custodial or Global)

• Near-Duplicate Identification and Handling

• Foreign Language Identification

• Advanced Analytics

Our world class operations center is fully equipped to handle projects of any scale, language or international complexity. Our facility offers significant capacity, providing the throughput and scalability to satisfy clients’ high-volume processing requirements, while quickly narrowing the universe of potentially relevant data at the onset of a matter.

Why Choose Reliable

Consultative Approach

Reliable's consultative approach to ESI processing helps to prepare your data for more cost-effective review.

Our team of consultants guide you through the nuances of e-discovery and deliver the solutions that fulfill your end goals.

Proven Experience

Our data center is managed by professionals with years of experience handling electronic data.

Precision and Quality

Our rigorous quality control protocols, including a combination of automated checks and human review, provide a defensible audit trail at every stage in the processing and review process.

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